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Enrich yourself

Holidays with a spiritual healing purpose are the best way to explore the most remote and exciting places inside you.

Deepen in the unknown, learning, sharing and connecting with your inner self, surrounded by breathtaking nature.

Tantra Couple’s Immersion

Tantra Couple’s Immersion is truly mind, heart, and sex immersion.

The sacred immersion you have wanted to connect with your authentic sexual self. Four sessions to go from conventional sex to holy sex and discover how to open the doors to intimate, nourishing, loving, and orgasmic bliss with yourself and your relationship.

You’ll enjoy the high-level sexual education we all deserve to receive. And when you change your vision, it changes everything.

The immersion includes 4 sessions, two individual sessions and two couple’s sessions. The sessions are distributed over 3 days. Day 1: individual sessions for each one. Day 2: couple’s session 1. Day 3: Couple’s session 2.

Note: Not body parts exposure during sexual salons with the facilitator.

In-Person and Online

$1,500 USD

Tantra in tulum


healing tulum ayahuasca yaje


Transformational Retreats

Private Retreat

If you are looking for a deep immersion in conscious transformation, we work with experts in different fields who will help you to customise your retreat.

We help you to create a personalised agenda base on your healing purpose. Tell us about you, and we will contact you shortly.

Tantra for Groups

Do you want to taste the secrets of tantra?;  Do you like to learn some techniques that you can easily practice and improve your intimate connections?

This session is designed for groups, where you will be able to explore Tantra concepts and practical exercises that will help you experiment with full-body orgasm easily and pleasantly.

It is an excellent session to join with your group of friends in Tulum. Celebrate a birthday, bachelor’s, or special event by doing a special ceremony.  

birthday celebration




Offering Ceremony

Offering Ceremony is a celebration of gratitude and blessings to mother earth, the world, and the universe for a special event in your life. It can be for acquiring a property, a job, a partner, a baby … 

During the ceremony, the shaman, together with the person or group of people, give thanks to the four directions. Different offerings accompanied by prayers are planted into the Earth, the protective and fertile mother. 

The celebration has a mystical connection with the universe’s origin and human beings. According to this ancestral belief, Mother Earth takes the energy of the cosmos, the universe, time and space.

Private Temazcal

The Temazcal (“the house of hot stones”) is a sweat lodge that originated with pre-Hispanic Indigenous peoples in Mesoamerica. The indigenous people used it for bathing, healing the sick, or rituals; among other things, Temazcal was a place to give birth. A round-shaped construction represents the mother’s womb.

The main purpose of the Temazcal is to leave behind the fears. Abandon limiting patterns and recharge your energies as if you were born again. 

8,500 MXP up to 6 people



healing tulum mayan healing


Limpia Mayan Ancestral Spiritual Cleansing for Groups

Limpia Mayan Ancestral Spiritual Cleansing for Couples is an excellent ritual to strengthen the union with your soul partner. It is Spiritual Cleansing with herbs, copal, and egg.

Remove and clear negative or misaligned energies from the aura and energetic bodies between the couple.  

7,500 MXP up to 6 people

Cacao Ceremony for Groups

Cacao Ceremony is a healing experience where you will explore the ancestral medicine of Cacao that works as a decoder of your heart’s depths. You will be guided and share the ancestral cacao teachings during the ceremony, inviting you to connect and share from the heart space. The place of love. A powerful ritual to connect your higher self.

8,000 MXP up to 6 people

Cacao ceremony in Tulum


Woman Temazcal Healing tulum


Temazcal for woman

This therapy features ancient techniques used by midwives for centuries. When the hot lava rocks are heated up, they get into their primal state and emit a message for our higher self.

A  women’s circle, where women can come together and share their needs and wishes intimately with others.

8,500 MXP up to 6 people

Ancient Mayan Clay Healing Ritual for Groups

The ancient Mayan clay is a healing ritual.

The clay, made with the elements of the earth, helps you to be grounded and back to your centre. With a soft massage, you wrap your whole body with the clay and let it dry under the sun whit the sound of the ancestral music, connecting all your senses. You will feel your body detoxify itself from impurities.

It is a beautiful ritual to share or celebrate a special event with your friends.

8,500 MXP up to 6 people

mayan clay in tulum


janzu massage tulum


Rebirth Experience: aquatic therapy at a private lagoon for groups

Aquatic activation. This healing experience in the water is a meditative journey where the therapist shows you how to move, flowing with the water, as a dance, to enter a calming state of being.

Once floating in the water, the therapist takes you through a gentle flowing dance of circular, spiral, and fetal movements symbolic of movements in the womb. In this weightless state, tension can be released held in the joints and space crates between the spine’s vertebra.

8,500 MXP up to 6 people

Sound Healing with Ceremonial Instruments

Sound Healing with Ceremonial Instruments is a therapeutic sound journey with ancestral instruments.

The therapist will start the sound journey with meditation. Then he will guide you through a profound acoustic & ancestral journey experience.

7,500 MXP up to 6 people

sound healing tulum




BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release for groups

BioDynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release is a profound session. During a short interview, we’ll establish how trauma is held in your system and how it affects the quality of your daily life. Your whole body, bloodstream, and brain get flooded with high oxygen levels, which leads to a detoxifying effect on your body and emotions, reprogramming at a deep cellular level and repairing your nervous system. The facilitator gently supports you by lovingly holding space throughout this breath session. Each session is different and includes counselling, physical exercises, and hands-on work to help you breathe more fully.

8,500 MXP up to 6 people

Clarity Breathwork for groups

Clarity Breathwork is a gentle, safe, and powerful breathing process that releases stress from the body’s cells, activating the subconscious mind and allowing the transformation of limiting thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

The session starts with a centring-in meditation and intention setting. The client lies down, and the therapist will hold the space, guiding individuals through a transformative 90-120 minute breathing process where various emotions and physical sensations are experienced.

8,500 MXP up to 6 people

breathwork healing tulum


Yoga healing tulum


Yoga private class for groups

Connect your body to a peaceful state of mind and well-being in the middle of nature. Book your private class and enjoy the yoga & meditation experience in the privacy of your home or immersed in nature.

5,000 MXP – Up to 6 people

Medicine Sound Circle

Coming home to one another through ourselves. Our journey is your journey. Your journey is ours.

As a sound facilitator, LUM is devoted to sharing healing tones with those willing to listen. The commune of Sebastian and his instruments is a channel of profound healing, a place where you can hear and clear your thoughts to meet yourself again and again as your spirit repeats into a state of peace and release. 

How? Safety. Intention. Non-judgement. Facilitation work by life experience. As a man, a father, a lover, a human, an artist, a channel. He has experienced many initiations on his own.

Sound is therapy. The tones have guided LUM. There is a deep sense of sharing space to clear out pain, grief, sadness, stagnancy, and recovery, joy – wholesome oneness and clarity. Medicine is involved in the process.

The space is created around your safety. You are safe to release. No one is judging. Leave in peace. Remember us. A special location will be sent.

1,500 USD – 6 people – extra 250 USD per person

women circle healing tulum


Healing Tulum soul reading


Soul transformation journey. Re-programming your energy.

Intensive transformation.

A combination of Energy Healing, Chakra Work, Shamanic Journeying, Soul Coaching, Inner Child Healing, Shadow Work and Jungian Psychotherapy Techniques.

Deeply and radically uncover and reprogram your energy from the ground up.

Restructuring your Chakra System and recovering the missing aspects of your heart and soul.

To change where you are in your life and give you a huge lift up to your next level in a sustainable way that leaves you with the tools you need to keep upgrading yourself long after the experience.

Let us know your healing purpose and how many days you will stay, and we will contact you shortly.

2-days with Abuelo Antonio

Abuelo Antonio has a ranch in the middle of Yucatan, Mexico, where he receives people around the world, sharing his wisdom and Mayan teachings with them.

A weekend with Abuelo Antonio is to recharge yourself with pure unconditional love. You can work directly with him by doing ceremonies, Pudzyáh, walking, and living with him in his own home.

Sharing and learning with Abuelo Antonio for the whole weekend is a transformational healing journey.

2-days experience – 1 night – included 1 Pudzyah

8,500 MXP

shaman retreat


Reading - ONLINE

Karma, Dharma reading - Hindu Astrology. Palm Reading.

Became aware of your purpose. Reconnect with your deeper being. Master your own destiny.
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Mayan Ritual

Mayan Wedding

Celebrate your energetic union with our Mayan Priestess
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Reiki Course

Reiki Course with Chandree

Usui Shiki Ryoho - Mikao Usui - Chijiro Hayashi - Hawayo Takata - Phyllis Furumoto lineage. All day, food included. English & Spanish. 180 USD
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Ancestral Mayan Ceremony


A high impact ceremonial act that provides you with integral healing, connecting with your higher-self
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I found Healing Tulum when I needed it most in my life. This platform is forward thinking, the healers are exceptional and my therapies have been truly life changing. It’s difficult to capture in words, only through experience you can understand the magic that happens here.

Christine H.

I found Healing Tulum after traveling the world for 10 months, touching 4 continents and trying healers in each of them with varying levels of effectiveness. I had my first session with a Healing Tulum recommended healer, who I can say to this day 6 weeks later has changed my life. He is truly gifted. Then gave another healer from the site a try, who again changed my life. I have found it a rare gift to have access to this quality of work combined in to such a simple and easy to use website.

Nicole Daedone
I found Healing Tulum and I felt attracted by the therapies. I was doing one treatment in one of the wellness spas and it was just spectacular. I recommend the personal service and the quality of the therapies.
Sara R.

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